Gentlemen, start your engines… the great hihi sperm race is about to begin!

Sperm from 128 male hihi are poised on the starting line, but whose sperm will be first past the post?

Choose the male(s) below who you fancy as the fastest. Each male is identified by the unique number from the bands we fit to the birds’ legs to keep track of them. You can back as many males as you like and multiple people can back the same bird. Backing a bird starts at $10, but you can donate as much as you like.

Everyone who backs the winning bird determined by Dr Helen Taylor’s data will go into a draw for our hihi prize packs.

Want to contribute to hihi conservation without betting on a bird? Why not buy an official Great Hihi Sperm Race t-shirt from our shop?

Make sure you pick your favourite before midnight, Sunday 22nd April (New Zealand time). Good luck!