A Race To Help Hihi

Hihi (stitchbirds) were once found across New Zealand's North Island. They now exist in just seven isolated populations.

We need your help to bring them back.

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Singing hihi Eric Wilson5

Male hihi singing (Image credit: Eric Wilson)

We're happy to announce the winners of the Great Hihi Sperm Race!

The male with the fastest sperm was CP11870 from Tiritiri Matangi Island...also known as the male who was "famous for his natty pink leg bands, but secure in his masculinity".

11 people from all around the world correctly predicted that CP11870 would have the fastest sperm and their prizes from our generous sponsors are currently being sent out. Our lucky winners are:

Adele Parli, NZ; Anna Sature, NZ; Ashlee Edwards, CA; Ashley Young, NZ; Jane Thompson, NZ; Jenny Jay, NZ; Jessica van der Wal, NL; Josie Kirkwood, AU; Mary Jones, GB; Melanie McCready, GB; Tamara Henry, NZ.

Congratulations to all our winners and a massive thank you to everyone who supported the race and helped us raise so much money for hihi conservation! 

If you would like to make a large donation to hihi conservation without placing bets, or become a long term sponsor, please contact [email protected] 

Target amount: $10,000 | Final total: over $11,000! We'll know the exact amount in the next few days - stay tuned!

Meet the teams

With four sites to choose from, there's a hihi for everyone! Just click on your chosen population and then choose a bird to back. If the male you back is the fastest, you'll go into the draw for a hihi prize pack.

Photo by Helen Taylor Photo by Helen Taylor


The original remaining population of hihi in New Zealand. An amazing island with almost unparalleled native vegetation (aka, hihi food). But does this long-standing hihi ark hold the fastest hihi sperm in the country?
Photo by Alex Mitchell Photo by Alex Mitchell


Just off the coast of Auckland, this island has been home to a thriving hihi population for over 20 years. This hihi population is definitely the one we know most about, but what we don't know is how good their sperm are...yet!
Photo by Daniel Jose Photo by Daniel Jose


This tiny gem of untouched forest just outside Whanganui was never logged and has some amazing hihi habitat. Could the small hihi population here be punching above its weight thanks to the giant, old growth trees they can feed on?
Photo by Rob Suistead Photo by Rob Suistead


Hihi in New Zealand's capital city? You better believe it! This predator-free inner city sanctuary is home to some of the heaviest male hihi on record. But is bigger better when it comes to sperm speed?

What can you win?

Want to see hihi in the wild? Or maybe consume some hihi-themed wine? Or even introduce some hihi magic to your wardrobe? Thanks to several extremely generous sponsors, we have some amazing prizes to give away to the winners of The Great Hihi Sperm Race. We can ship prizes internationally and will match prizes to location wherever possible:

  • ​Family pass on 360 discovery ferries to Tiritiri Matangi Island, Auckland
  • Family passes to ZEALANDIA ecosanctuary, Wellington
  • Family tour package for Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, Pukeatua
  • Cases of Hihi Wines
  • Hihi t-shirt from Tumbleweed Tees
  • Honey from Rotokare Scenic Reserve's own hives
  • Sets of native bird art cards from Bushy Park Sanctuary, Whanganui